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“Rig Baby” is a very unique and creative name for a business. How did the idea come into being?

The idea for “Rig Baby” was conceived – excuse the pun – when Julie was pregnant whilst her husband was working offshore. Once her baby girl came along, she decided to launch the website for mothers, wives and partners of those offshore workers so they could chat and connect with each other whilst their partners were away.

Your site was created from Julie Green, an offshore worker’s wife. How many staff members work on Rig Baby now?

At present, there are two of us who run the site. Julie created the website back in 2013 and solely built it up in her free time, developing the website and increasing the member count week by week. I came on board around six weeks ago to help develop the website, add new exciting features and help to grow the brand. Since coming on board, Julie and I have developed many new features and came up with some new exciting sections that will appear over the coming months.

We also receive articles and idea contributions from offshore workers which are invaluable to understanding the needs of the workforce and providing them with what they want to see.

What are some of the ways offshore workers can connect with each other through Rig Baby?

The website was originally setup to help offshore workers wives connect with each other and offer support. However, as the site grew the workers themselves began to use it as a way to connect.

That’s why we developed the social network platform for them. They can add each other as friends, shares stories and photos, chat and get involved with growing the site into the industry’s number one place for news, information, resources, training, support and socialising for – all men and women who work in the oil and gas industry.

Are most of your Rig Baby members in the United Kingdom, United States or elsewhere?

At present the majority of the workers are based in the UK and Norway.

However, with more and more workers becoming aware of the site worldwide, we are beginning to see users from across the globe. The website gives them a way to connect globally with other workers and of course their families back home.

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You recently came out with a newly designed website and extra features. What were some of the primary aspects that you wanted to improve or add?

The site started from humble beginnings to provide a way to connect the industry. But as our user numbers have grown, so have our aspirations for the site. We aim to provide a one stop shop for the workforce and as such needed to redesign and expand to house the new features we have developed.

New features include:

Profiles: We now have the ability for users to create profiles, connect with each other, upload pictures, choose the rig they work on, search for other members who are on that rig, post to an activity feed and chat with one another.

Features: We have created a Lifestyle section to the site which will regularly include special features on topics such as Car Guides, Sports News, Product Reviews, Top Holiday Destinations, Special Offers, Discount Codes and more in the pipeline.

Sports: Everyone knows that guys love sports, so what better way to keep them up to date than with live match results, special reviews and features, video highlights and on top it, our own Super Six Offshore League Table; this feature has just launched this week.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to offshore work. What types of information do you have for workers and prospective workers in this area?

Keeping healthy and fit whilst working offshore is critical for keeping your energy levels high and maintaining a healthy weight. We have regular features on new workout routines, healthy eating and tips and advice on ways to keep in shape or enhance your body whilst working away.

We have gym specialists from the University of Liverpool Sports centre advising us on workouts and Julie provides healthy eating advice from her knowledge gained studying Human Nutrition and Food Science.

What’s one of your big goals for this 2015?

Our big goal for 2015 is to make the site the number one social platform for the offshore oil and gas industry.

We plan to develop more ways for workers, families and friends to connect and stay in touch making the site the number one social hub for the industry.

We will be introducing a range of new exciting features in the coming months, including two industry firsts one of which will change the way that families use our website.


– Charlie Archibald, Developer of Rig Baby

Serving the entire oil and gas offshore industry, Rig Baby provides ways for families and coworkers to connect with one another with updated news, lifestyle and resources for offshore workers.