Biz Wave: Venture Below

Photo Property of Venture Below.

How long ago was Venture Below founded, and by how many people? was founded sevenĀ years ago after I left the Royal Navy as a mine clearance diver and started to work offshore. I noticed that it was very hard to find diving knives and tools for commercial divers, and everything was homemade. so I started looking into Venture Below.

With the business’s founders’ experience in commercial, military and scubaĀ diving, how has this translated into the types of products you sell?

We have been able to use many years of experience in both military, inshore and offshore diving to create a product that works well and lasts a diver a long time. All our tool bags are tested offshore prior to going into production.

Are you solely an online company, and did you start out that way?

We are an online store to reduce costs and this way we can give those savings to our loyal customers.

How much have your product offerings and product range changed over the years?

Our tool bags often change from size and material as better materials become available. Our Trust knives, on the other hand, have been the same since we started.

Photo Property of Venture Below.

What are some of the furthest places that you’ve shipped products to?

We supply to a global market from Japan, Argentina, Europe, Russia and Alaska.

What’s one of the biggest challenges of operating an online merchandise company in the maritime field?

Ensuring your product arrives on time to the customer. This is very important, as all divers need their orders as fast as possible because they will soon be offshore again.

How does Venture Below stand out from the competition in this industry?

We try hard to communicate with our customers we keep them up to date from dispatch to arrival. Should a customer require a special item made for their needs, we also make a plan for them and do what we can.

Venture Below has posted many Youtube videos of divers – were these produced specifically for the business, or a mix?

All the videos areĀ from our friends and work colleagues that have allowed Venture below to use them on YouTube.


– Steve Entwistle, Cofounder of Venture Below

Providing commercial and scuba gear for divers, Venture Below operates as an online store serving customers in the UK, Europe and around the world.