Biz Wave: Divers Gifts & Collectables

Briefly, tell us how Divers Gifts & Collectables started. When did you start to see a demand for these types of products? I served in the Royal Navy as a Mine Clearance Diver for over 33 years. During my tenure, it was quite evident that there was a need for diving related gifts: at that … Read more Biz Wave: Divers Gifts & Collectables

Biz Wave: KD Marine

KD Marine Feature

1. Since your start in 1998, what’s one major area of maritime services that you’ve added? We have added several, but two of the most important are the addition of the multi-purpose built Subsea Intervention Daughter Craft (SIDC) systems in 2008 and delivering a complete project engineering and management service. 2. Approximately how much of your … Read more Biz Wave: KD Marine

Biz Wave: Skimoil

Skimoil Feature

How long ago did Skimoil start, and how was the water treatment industry different back then? Waste water treatment then was basically based on if nobody is yelling at you, do the basic minimums. We didn’t know how badly we were assaulting the earth and our waters. We (even the regulators) had our heads in … Read more Biz Wave: Skimoil

Biz Wave: MagnumUSA

MagnumUSA Feature

Years ago, you were racing cars. How did this transition into a passion for the cutting and welding industry? Racing cars led to industrial engineering assignments with emphasis on facilitating novel welding methods leading to productivity improvements. With ExoBlade trademarked technology, you can make specialized cutting for varied widths, saving on excess inventory. How long … Read more Biz Wave: MagnumUSA

Biz Wave: Translas BV

Translas BV Feature

You manufacture and develop many types of welding products. Can you briefly describe your manufacturing facilities? Our facilities include 15 CNC turning machines and injection molding machines. We manufacture all kinds of parts from brass, copper, and different kinds of plastics. Furthermore, we have an assembly facility in-house. All of them are located in Nieuwegein, … Read more Biz Wave: Translas BV

Biz Wave: Nemo Power Tools

How long has your company, Nemo Power Tools, been around? We designed the drill 2012, and Nemo Power Tools Ltd was founded in 2014, after we made the decision to begin mass-producing our product. Do you manufacture other tools besides the electric drill (if not, do you have plans in development to manufacture other equipment)? … Read more Biz Wave: Nemo Power Tools

Biz Wave: Maritime Lawyer – Commercial Diving Accidents & Injuries

Maritime Law Tim Feature

When did you get your start in maritime law? I got my start in maritime law around 1995. My work involved representing marine insurance companies. That was about 20 years ago, but the experience taught me valuable lessons about how the industry works. It made me more effective in what I currently do, which is representing … Read more Biz Wave: Maritime Lawyer – Commercial Diving Accidents & Injuries

Biz Wave: Stanley Infrastructure

Stanley Infrastructure Feature

When did Stanley Infrastructure start producing underwater equipment? Stanley acquired Ackley Manufacturing Co., a leading manufacturer of hydraulic tools, in 1972. The company entered the underwater tool business shortly after acquisition. What types of facilities do you use to test your equipment, and what are some of the factors you measure in your testing? We have a … Read more Biz Wave: Stanley Infrastructure

Biz Wave: Rig Baby

Biz Wave Rig Baby Feature

“Rig Baby” is a very unique and creative name for a business. How did the idea come into being? The idea for “Rig Baby” was conceived – excuse the pun – when Julie was pregnant whilst her husband was working offshore. Once her baby girl came along, she decided to launch the website for mothers, wives … Read more Biz Wave: Rig Baby