Biz Wave: Diving Magnets (Pty) Ltd

Diving Magnets Feature

When did Diving Magnets begin its business? Diving Magnets (Pty) Ltd. began its business in January 2015 and launched the website ( soon after. We are based in South Africa, but we ship our products worldwide. At the moment we are an online store only. We are constantly working to improve our products and expanding … Read more

Biz Wave: Sub Aqua History Prints

Maritime Print Tay Bridge Feature

Describe your transition from a 40-year commercial diving career into the maritime literature. Was it a gradual, natural transition or a more sudden business venture? At 66, I am still working as a saturation diver around the world but primarily in the North Sea. I hail from Melbourne, Australia but the UK has been my … Read more

Biz Wave: Africa Dive Supplies

African Dive Supplies Feature

Africa Dive Supplies originally started because two divers saw the demand for diving apparel and equipment in South Africa. How did you learn about this demand? Initially the idea to start Africa Dive Supplies stemmed from personalized clothing that was made for friends who are scuba divers, commercial divers and spear-fishermen. Realizing this was quite a … Read more