Diver Exploits: Billy’s Ocean of Opportunity at NU Polytech

Billy_Dean_WeldingKeep progressing in what you love, and find excitement in the challenges.

Growing up in San Diego, California, I was pretty much born loving the ocean. I spent my early years wasting my summers at the beaches. A buddy and I would even ditch school in the winter and take ice-cold swims. I love the water and have a passion for swimming – that’s an understatement.

I grew up in a family of athletes and plumbers or, more directly, men in construction. I was working in these fields of labor by the time I was 13 and have stuck to them. I will be the first person in my family to take mechanical plumbing to the next level with underwater work, and it’s very exciting. However, the journey of diving is completely new to me, and I will be counting on my piping experience to keep me in the game.

Enhancing My Construction Experience through NUPI

At this point I’m 30-years-old, and I feel better than ever. I’ve welded for around eight years now. I enjoy it as a pure art form, and not only have I had the privilege to weld in a paid position, but (in my opinion) I’ve learned from some of the best welders the country.

With some down time and prepping for school, I’ve enjoyed practicing my welding technique around the house. Small projects and experiments. I will soon be joining others at the National University Polytechnic Institute (NUPI) here in San Diego. Most of my preparations are focused on making sure I am in my best health and strength for school.

The idea of discovering the oceans seas and lakes is very inspiring. I imagine it to be akin to another world.
I met with the school advisor in the early fall of 2014. She was helpful in multiple aspects, directing me to what core subject I would choose.

Where EMT Coursework May Take Me

The school offers weld inspection courses or EMT certification alongside the complete diving course, welding, rigging, forklift operation, as well as cutting and burning. As it currently stands, I plan to join the EMT course.
A trained worker with the EMT trade specific skill does get paid more, but that’s not my main reason to choose this field of study. I plan to further my knowledge, not just with commercial diving but with the bonus of medial training to complement my welding and construction experience.

NUPI has done nothing but impress me. I was able to meet two instructors: one qualified in hyperbaric medicine and the other who taught nondestructive testing. We had short but intriguing talks that made me confident in their abilities. I hope I can meet all the challenges and help and learn with other students.

I have an assortment of ideas of where I hope to work. HAZMAT diving or industrial work are very appealing. I also enjoy the idea of bridge and pier work so I feel I will have options.

Hope to see you guys out there.