Biz Wave: A Significant Casualty

Significant Casualty Feature

Peter J. Pilkington, author of ‚ÄúA Significant Casualty‚Äú, takes us through the background and significance of his book. He began writing after¬†his son, a former commercial diver,¬†died in an offshore incident. How long after your son’s passing did you begin your book, “A¬†Significant Casualty”? Did your ideas for the book change as you were¬†writing it? … Read more

Biz Wave: KD Marine

KD Marine Feature

1. Since your start in 1998, what’s one major area of maritime services that you’ve added? We have added several, but two¬†of the most important are the addition of the multi-purpose built Subsea Intervention Daughter Craft (SIDC) systems in 2008 and delivering a complete project engineering and management service. 2. Approximately how much of your … Read more