Fresh Start: After Almost 2 Decades Topside, Shawn Welds Underwater

I started welding in  1997 and full-time as a career for 16 years, fitting and fabricating heavy equipment. I’ve done everything, including concrete mixers, roofing tar kettles, rodeo equipment, live stock equipment, food processing machinery, CNC Router Machines, Asphalt Pavers, and huge track crawler excavators. In between my main job, I’ve worked on small and … Read more

Experienced Welder to Underwater Welder: Full Speed Ahead

(Journeyman – Master Tradesman): I have 2-5+ years of experience with topside welding. How can I become an underwater welder? Have you ever watched professional surfing on the TV? They make it look easy; as one wave falls and another folds over to take its place, surfers carve out the inside of each massive tidal … Read more

SCUBA Diver to Underwater Welder: Where to Start

(SCUBA Diver): I have my open water certification and several years of experience in the water. How do I become an underwater welder? All right. You’re comfortable in the ocean, you can check your pressure gauge and you know the secret ingredient to keep your goggles free of fog (Hint: it resides in your mouth). … Read more

Top 9 Underwater Welding Videos: Fire & Water

Underwater welding videos have a particular beauty about them. Maybe it’s the steady stream of bubbles firing from the weld site. Or perhaps the gentle glow of the electrode. Heck, even the preparation phase is interesting to watch – cleaning and clearing out before beginning the underwater weld. It’s a fascinating process. And we’re not … Read more

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