Top 9 Underwater Welding Videos: Fire & Water

Underwater Welding Videos

Underwater welding videos have a particular beauty about them.

Maybe it’s the steady stream of bubbles firing from the weld site. Or perhaps the gentle glow of the electrode. Heck, even the preparation phase is interesting to watch – cleaning and clearing out before beginning the underwater weld.

It’s a fascinating process. And we’re not the only ones that think so.

We’ve compiled the best underwater welding videos from around the internet for you to check out. Let’s take a look at them together:

Best Underwater Welding Videos: Electrifyingly Awesome

Underwater Welding Salary: In the Money

Let’s start off by giving the facts on how much underwater welders earn. This is one of the most common questions I’ve been asked over the years, so I created a helpful video to give you all the facts.

Aluminum Welding: In-Depth

Documentary style view from several underwater welders and underwater construction experts. Aluminum is one of the best materials to use in the water, but it takes a specialized skill set to repair it.


An underwater welding instructor contrasts topside with underwater welding with a small science lesson. Few people think about this, but it your environment creates a huge impact on the strength and technique of your weld.

By the Book

Measure, then weld in a stable position. This underwater welder does it just as you’d learn in a weld plate test, and it’s a darn good wet welding job.

Perfect, Pristine Environment

Most underwater welding videos are difficult to see because of the conditions. This is a controlled environment that’s well lighted, so you can see everything that’s happening.

Dry Welding…Underwater

One of the few hyperbaric welding videos out there. Hardly any are available, since the camera has to be up and out of the way since the chambers are only big enough for the welders and their project.

Light it up & Cut it to Pieces

Commercial divers do just as much torching (burning) as they do welding underwater. But they’re highly related, so I thought I’d include it. Here’s a look at how fast metal falls apart when divers start their cutting torch.

The Sound of Awesomeness

Kind of hard to see, but the sounds in this are incredible. The camera puts you right there with the welder-diver, especially when he scratches his stick on the metallic hull; it’s almost like lighting a match.

Underwater Welding at its Best

One of our favorite underwater welding videos. Josh McLafferty, a commercial diver that I’m acquainted with, has an incredible range of certificates and amazing skill in underwater welding. It shows in his work.

Bonus Video: How Underwater Welding Works

The process of underwater welding is happens in a much more controlled, scientific way that many assume. Electricity and water? Yes, they can coincide. Learn how:

Do you have a favorite in these underwater welding videos? Tell us in the comments!