Top 3 Australian Underwater Welding Schools

On this side of the world, underwater welding schools offer Australia’s pristine diving environment: exotic wildlife, photogenic plant life and proper preparation for a career in underwater construction. Schools offer underwater welders in entry-level diving, similar to other training institutes across the world. They issue all applicable certification for international work, including those backed by the Australian Diver Accreditation … Read more

Underwater Welding School: Learning Experience

If you’re considering underwater welding, training’s not an option. You need training in a professional environment, and underwater welding school can bring this to you in an affordable way. They offer multiple certifications, training on equipment, heavy-duty facilities and premium diving resources. Divers have different opinions on what constitutes the “best” underwater welding school. Most make the mistake … Read more

Biz Wave: Dryden Diving Company, Inc.


Dryden Diving provides many services in the maritime industry. How many full-time divers and other employees does it have to provide these services? Dryden Diving utilizes the Wharf and Dock Builders Union to supplement labor, after divers graduate from dive schools, they’re offered an apprenticeship to learn the trade skills. For example, they’ll learn common skills … Read more