Best Underwater Photography Tips for Beginners

For SCUBA divers, capturing that perfect moment¬†through underwater photography¬†isn’t easy. Especially if you’re just starting out.

But novice photographers can go far. They just need to understand the basics of this field. It starts with knowledge of marine photography equipment, techniques and common mistakes.

Hitting the Highlights: Best Underwater Photography Tips

This¬†infographic is for new learners, and it’s relatively self-explanatory. But there’s a few important points that we need to highlight.

Underwater photography cameras have extremely high value, but only if you know how to use them. Even though mobile¬†devices are¬†highly convenient, professionals rarely use them. Mobile devices simply lack¬†the options that a DSLR provides. Still, it’s best to work with a camera within your budget.

Strobes make a huge difference in¬†underwater photography. They provide more¬†lighting in situations when¬†sunlight can’t do the job. They also have a large price tag, so wait until you can invest in high quality strobes.

Proximity really matters. A lot. Light disappears quickly under the waves, so you must take your shot as close as possible to your subject. Close proximity provides stronger, natural lighting on marine life. If your subject is camera-shy, use it as a learning experience.

Take photos from all angles. It’s easier to do in water than on land. You’re moving in a three-dimensional space, so any direction is fair game.

Be especially mindful of backscatter, as it can make its way into multiple shots without proper understanding of how to use your strobe.

Underwater Photography: Mastering your Technique

Build on your method, incorporating more techniques over time.  Experiment. Develop a stronger style.

Finally, learn from SCUBA divers who are already experienced underwater photographers. They can help you perfect your underwater photography skill.

Underwater Photography Beginners