Biz Wave: Heavy Metal Divers

Heavy_Metal_Divers_Commercial_DiverHow has your previous experience as a commercial diver help in developing your line of helmets?

My experience as commercial diver is the only reason I am making helmets. I experienced the same frustrations with the existing helmets as all other divers do.

Your helmets boast epic names like “Gladiator” and “Crusader.” What inspired these names?

Because the Gladiators and Crusaders wore helmets, as do we divers.

A lot’s changed in 15 years with diving technology and manufacturing. Have these changes affected your products?

Advances in technology have given us a much better regulator, better faceplates, better communications, better materials and better methods of manufacture.

You Gladiator helmet is composed of a silicon bronze. How heavy is the actual helmet?

The finished helmet weighs approximately 33 pounds. Balance and comfort underwater is superior to any other diving helmet on the market.

Gladiator_Heavy_Metal_DiversIn what ways do your products stand out from other producers?

What makes us stand out from our competitors is practically every feature on the helmet. I made improvements to virtually every feature of existing helmets.

  • Bronze:¬†better than plastic. Lasts longer in saltwater than stainless steel.
  • Faceplate:¬†1/2″ Lexan instead of the standard 1/4″ thickness.
  • Regulator: Poseidon Xstream Duration – easier breathing, no dial-a-breath needed, very few parts, simple design. Best on the maret.
  • Exhaust System:¬†No exhaust passes through regulator. Both exhaust barrels are same, two¬†umbrella valves per barrel for dual exhaust protection, and¬†simple and easy to maintain.
  • Strong sideblock plumb-able in A-block or B-block style.
  • Heavy-duty Comm Posts:¬†Machined brass with enlarged hole in a fat base for improved strength , longevity, and easy to wire up.
  • Improved Neck Dam similar to Miller’s.
  • Crystal-clear communication¬†due to bronze shell acoustics.

Are you looking into expanding your product line, or have these helmets served you well up to this point?

I have a few other ideas to expand but I have priorities to attain first.

What’s one of the highlights of working with your customers?

I was invited into US Navy’s SUPSALV office.


-Martin, owner of Heavy Metal Divers

Heavy Metal Divers is a producer of commercial diving helmets owned by Martin, a formal commercial diver. They are located in Texas.