3 Types of Marine Structures & How They Shape the Industry

marine structures feature

Metal’s relationship to marineĀ structures isĀ necessary to the continuation of trade and vital to manage natural resources. Ports and jetties are the access point to the oceans and require specific fortifications to maintain longevity. Platforms offer an anchored presence to a specific area in the ocean for commercial use. Semi-submersibles and floating platforms can effectively transport … Read more

Training for a Career as an ADAS Commercial Diver

How to Become an Underwater Welder

Amelia (Milly) Bartlem from Queensland, Australia shares her experience of training with The Underwater Centre, Tasmania; starting out in her career as an ADAS commercial diver and her advice to others who may be considering training for a new career, subsea. What attracted you to a career in commercial diving? ā€˜Iā€™ve always loved being outdoors, … Read more

HAZMAT Diver: Equipment & Procedures Used


Hazardous materials divers, also called a HAZMAT diver, have exceptionally dangerous jobs. They find themselves in precarious conditions, and regularly expose themselves to contamination such as fuel spills or radioactive material. However, the extreme dangers these divers face can be minimized through intense training,Ā the right dive gear, and a thorough decontamination processes. Hereā€™s how: HAZMAT … Read more