Biz Wave: Speciality Welds

Speciality Welds manufactures many of its own products. What are some of the your most popular items? We manufacture a wide range of underwater welding products and welding consumables, including Barracuda Gold and Hammerhead electrodes, Piranha safety isolation switches, welding stingers, Swordfish arc cutting and Scorpion blue exothermic cutting lances, flip-up housings and auto-darkening filters. They … Read more

6 Reasons You’re Not an Underwater Welder (Yet)

“Matt, I want to become an underwater welder, but ____________.” I hear it all too often. Hundreds of people want to go into the underwater welding field, but for every person, there’s a reason why they can’t invest in it. Some reasons are extremely legit, but most have holes in them. I’ve compiled the top … Read more

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