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A true Renaissance man, Dean Eby has worked a variety of hands-on careers, including home building and remodeling, personal training, and now shares his experiences and understanding as a writer. An avid outdoorsman, Dean spends much of his time adventuring through the diverse terrain of the southwest United States with his closest companion, his dog, Gohan. For Dean, few passions lie closer to his heart than learning. An apt researcher and reader, he loves to investigate interesting topics such as history, economics, relationships, pets, politics, and more.

How to Identify a Good Weld vs Bad Weld (with Pictures)

Good weld vs Bad Weld

So much of our modern world relies on welding. From skyscrapers to ships to automobiles, many of the things we rely on are built from metal. Welding is needed to build almost anything from metal, making it one of our most important construction processes. Welding is a skill that’s open to everyone. You can find […]

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AC vs DC Welding: What’s the Difference?


When you’re learning to weld, the sheer amount of information you need to know can be overwhelming. There’s so much terminology to learn and the variables seem infinite. You need to know how to set your equipment for different types of metals, with changes made for variations in thickness, filler material, and the amperage you’re […]

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