10 Reasons Why Welding is a Great Career Choice

A man welding

If you’re interested in welding as a career, you’ve come to the right place. We love welding and know how brilliant a career choice it is, but it’s not for everyone. Like every option in life, there is a good and a bad side to it, and you shouldn’t make a decision until you have […]

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TIG vs MIG: Which Welding Process to Choose?

TIG vs. MIG: Which Welding Process to Choose?

MIG vs TIG: it’s an age-old debate. Which one’s better? Which one should you choose? MIG welders often say their process is the best, and TIG welders take a similar stance. However, the answer is simple; they’re both right. MIG is always best for the jobs MIG welders do, and TIG welding fuses TIG projects […]

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5 Best Welding Respirators of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

a man wearing a welding respirator

A good welding respirator can be hard to find, but it can also be worth its weight in gold. Going without one for just a few minutes can leave you coughing and potentially make you sick, so it’s important to get a respirator that’s up to the task. While there are many overpriced professional-grade models […]

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How Hot Does a Plasma Cutter Actually Get? 

plasma cutter

Are you wondering how hot a plasma cutter gets? As it’s the most effective means of cutting metal with heat, it needs to be an incredibly hot system. A plasma cutter can chew through up to 200 inches of material per minute. Scientists and engineers have been working on improving the technology to increase the […]

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5 Best Welders For Sheet Metal 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

a welder for sheet metal

Sheet metal welding is no easy task, but with a bit of practice on the right welder, it can be mastered like any other type of welding. Unfortunately, welders are not generally advertised for specific types of welding like sheet metal welding. Therefore, we have written reviews of five of the best machines to use […]

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4 Best Welders for Aluminum (TIG & MIG) – Top Picks 2022

Great aluminum welder

Searching for the best welder for aluminum? Aluminum is much trickier than steel alloys for the welder. With higher conductivity and lower point of melting, improper welding can result in many burns through. To choose the best welding method for aluminum, you need to consider many things. Starting from the materials used in the production […]

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