Biz Wave: Logan Diving & Salvage

Underwater Welding Logan DivingLogan Diving & Salvage started business in 1947, around the end of WWII. What’s some of the main ways this company has stayed relevant with the maritime industry for over 65 years?

First: Service, Service, Service. By carefully listening to our clients’ requests/needs and providing high quality service at a fair price.

Second: By being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year no matter what the circumstances, location, and challenges – we show up and complete the job.

Third: Experience gained over 67 years is invaluable in knowing what needs to be done and how to do it safely – the first time.

Your headquarters in Jacksonville are also the home of CDA Technical, a top commercial diving school. Have some of their graduates found successful careers at your company?

Yes, we have a number of CDA graduates working for Logan Diving & Salvage and find them to be well-trained and prepared for their start in the commercial diving industry.

Does Logan Diving own ships and other vessels to carry out your work? If so, how many and what are a few of the varieties?

Logan Diving & Salvage owns and maintains 11 highly portable work boats in the 300 hp to 500 hp, 24’ – 30’ range. Vessels, barges, project specific craft are typically sourced locally and leased in the region or country of the project.

Commercial_Diver_Logan_DivingWhat’s one of the most challenging projects you ever completed?

Almost all of our projects are challenging. We have completed many that were extremely complex and challenging; picking one over another is difficult, but if I had to, I would say a Marine Substructure Rehabilitation in the West Indies a few years back.

Logan Diving & Salvage was tasked with structural engineering, design, and repair an oil tanker dock facility that included five free-standing large marine structures in semi-failed state, and they were given six months to complete a one-year project with ships waiting to dock and discharge fuel. LDS was responsible for the overall project management, safety, design, structural repair member engineering, fabrication, and installation.

The project included large amounts of underwater burning, underwater welding, rigging, coatings, ultra sonic testing, cathodic protection, barge crane work, product piping and pile jacketing. We removed multiple VD’s, HD’s, legs and structural members for total replacement, repaired over 80 substructure piles, repaired the main fenders and so on.

Bottom line: Job completed ahead of schedule with zero injuries.

Which types of projects take the most preparation beforehand?

Definitely penetration, confined space, coupled with differential pressure issues. The normal things you will encounter on vessel salvage, dams, intakes, and industrial diving projects.

Logan Diving carries out quite a few operations in Latin America and the Caribbean: How has this diversity in market locations provided stability to the Logan Diving’s business?

We maintain a permanent office and equipment in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and are a registered corporation in Puerto Rico. We service Jamaica, Dominican Republic, USVI’s and BVI’s from San Juan. Having local experience and associates for over 50 years, with full-time equipment staged in the Caribbean allows us a fast and economical response for both scheduled and unscheduled projects.

Are most of Logan Diving employees full-time, or is there a mix of contract work and part-time employees according to the need and season?

Most of our divers are full-time employees. We do draw from a vetted list of specialty freelancers per project and specialty when needed.

Do you sell products in addition to your services? If so, what are some?

We do not sell any products other than marine construction related expendables.


– S. C. Anderson, President

Logan Diving & Salvage is a marine specialty contractor business with locations in Florida and Puerto Rico. They offer a wide range of services including underwater welding, salvage, vessel inspection and repair.