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9 DIY Welding Cart Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

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If you are interested in a new welding cart, you might try building your own to save money and to gain some experience using the tools you are acquiring. Welding carts are not that difficult to build, and you shouldn’t need any special tools to create most designs. We’ve searched the internet for as many DIY welding cart plans as we could find, and we are going to present them to you here now.

How to Build a DIY Welding Cart

Here are the plans we have been able to locate for you.

1. Heavy Duty Welder Cart by dave wirth blogspot

Heavy Duty Welder Cart by dave wirth blogspot
Image Credit: dave wirth blogspot

The Heavy Duty Welding Cart comes to us from Dave Wirth. This design is not too hard to build and only requires a few boards and some copper tubing. The instructions are very clear and prove plenty of accurate illustrations. The resulting cart is both durable and attractive, with plenty of room for all your tools, including fire extinguishers.

Materials: Lumber, copper tubing, caster wheels, paint, wood glue

Tools: Handsaw, tape measure, paintbrush

2. Metal Welding Table by lincoln electric

Metal Welding Table by lincoln electric
Image Credit: lincoln electric

The Metal Welding table comes to us from Lincoln Electric, and this plan provides us with an easy to follow a plan that only takes a few hours and allows you to use your welding equipment. It only requires 1/8-inch steel, caster wheels, and some steel tubing.

Materials: 1/8-inch steel, steel tubing, washers, caster wheels

Tools: Welder, wire cutters, tape measure, clamps

3. Best DIY Welding Cart by Youtube

The Best DIY Welding Cart? Is brought to us by Giaco Whatever is another easy-to-follow project that lets you use the welder to build the welding cart. The video tutorial is very easy to follow and results in a usable cart in less than a day without many materials or tools.

Materials: Square steel tubing, steel mesh

Tools: Welder, tape measure, pencil

4. That Shop Teacher Guy by Youtube

This welding cart comes to us from That Shop Teacher Guy, and it’s another easy to assemble cart that uses square steel tubing for the majority of the build. The video tutorial moves along at the right pace, and the shop teacher takes time out to explain the important aspects of the build. As long as you have the materials, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to complete.

Materials: Various width square steel tubing, caster wheels

Tools: Welder, handsaw, sander, grinder, clamps

5. Simple DIY Welding Cart Project by Youtube

The Simple Welding Cart Project comes to us from Urchfab and is one of the simpler designs so far on this list. It’s explained well by the host of the instructional video, and he demonstrates everything in an easy to follow way. The finished product is very attractive, a little shinier than many other models, smooth rolling, and durable

Materials: Square steel tubing, caster wheels, steel piping

Tools: Welder, hand sander, tape measure

6. Making Stuff by Youtube

The Making Stuff DIY Welding Cart is a little bit more complex than some of the other carts on this list, but it’s well worth the trouble and results in a very durable cart for your welding supplies. This cart will require several bigger tools like the miter saw and the belt sander that some smaller workshops might not have.

Materials: caster wheels, square steel tubing, metal grating

Tools: Welder, miter saw, belt sander, clamps

7. Homesteadonomics by Youtube

The Homesteadonomics welding Cart is another cart that’s a bit more advanced. It provides you with many special features, including a pull-out drawer and pull-out drawer bottoms so you can choose solid or mesh. It looks better than many commercial models and is quite sturdy

Materials: Square steel tubing, sheet metal, caster wheels, metal grating

Tools: Welder, hand sander, clamps

8. Ultimate Welding Cart with Table Expansion by Youtube

The Ultimate DIY Welding Cart with Table Expansion it brought to us by Ollari’s, and this is an advanced project best attempted by experienced welders and machinists.  The resulting project is extremely useful, and the folding table provides plenty of room to get your work done.

Materials: caster wheels, square steel tubing, metal grating, sheet metal, washers

Tools: Welder, hand saw, hand sander, spray paint

9. Welding Cart with Bench Grinder by Youtube

This DIY Welding Cart with a Bench grinder is another advanced project that results in a useful way to move your welding equipment and your bench grinder. It features two torch holders, a place for accessories, large cable hooks, and a coaling water dish.

Materials: caster wheels, square steel tubing, sheet metal

Tools: Level, hand grinder, clamps, welder, hammer

Final Thoughts

When choosing which DIY welding cart to build, you’ll need to compare your skill level with the features you require.  Most of the plans on this list are easy and result in a very usable cart that should have enough room for all of your supplies and a place to hang your torch.  If you have a lot of experienced, the carts at the end of the list provide some handy extra features that provide you with more storage space, more table space, or more tools space.

We hope you have enjoyed reading over these plans and will give some of them a try.  If we have helped you choose your next project, please share these 10 DIY welding cart plans you can build today on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured image credit: emirkrasnic, Pixabay

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